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No matter who they are, the kids will all know the Love of Jesus is for them, too!


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You will not find a stronger, more dedicated group of teachers!

About Christ Lutheran School

Grade Levels / Programs

PRESCHOOL (3-4 Years Old) 2 DAY - T-TH, 3 DAY- M-W-F, 5 DAY- M-F 8:30-11:30AM
BEFORE and AFTER CARE CLUB 2021-2022: Before Care: 7:30 a.m. Aftercare Until 6:00 p.m.

Why Attend Christ Lutheran School

  • Biblical: Christ Lutheran holds to the strongest, historical teachings of the Schripture. We do not concern ourselves with fads but rather we are concerned with facts Your word is truth - John 17:17
  • Historical:
  • Christ Lutheran is part of the largest, Protestant School System in America. For over 175 Years, The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod has been an educational stronghold in America. Our emphasis is on Strong religious values and academic excellence. In a world of "fly-by-night" churches and Schools, we remain strong and connected.
  • Do I have to be a member of Christ Lutheran?:
  • No. Christ Lutheran School is more of a ministry than a sect or business. Our students represent many ethnicities, backgrounds, denominations and even religions. When your child goes to school here, he or she will be treated as an equal.
  • Class Size: How large is your average class size?
  • One of the many blessings of Christ Lutheran is our view on class sizes. In a world where public schools are cramming 20-30 even more kids in a class, we do not do that. After 14 we hire an aid. If a class expands to 20 we create a second class.
  • Dress Code - What Does Christ Lutheran Require?:
  • Christ Lutheran seeks to give parents and teachers a break from the "fashion show". Jeans, t-shirts, mini skirts and all the trappings of what public school has become, is replaced with modest clothing consisting of polo shirts, dockers, for boys and for girls we add dresses, skirts (with leggings) and skorts. These are clothes that have stood the test of time and are generally a reasonably priced item. See "Dress Code" for more.

  • Tuition: Christ Lutheran always strives to balance costs. We are a 501c3 so we aren't in it for the money. Rather we strive to be a positive influence for Christ in our community. People needing tuition assistance are also very welcome here.See: "Costs & Tuition" for more. b>
  • Are You Certified? Yes! Christ Lutheran goes through this process every year. We are up to date on all requirements for certification in Oregon. We are currently seeking to expand to the Northwest Educators Association which is an association of private schools, dedicated to superiror education.

  • Senior Faculty and Staff Meet The Christ Lutheran Team

    Christ Lutheran School

    Est. 1993

    Kristin Rodrigues

    Office Manager

    Mrs. Love

    Early Childhood Director

    Miss Petterson

    Aftercare Manager

    Pastor Hoffman

    Pastor / Administrator

    Elementary Meet the K-5 staff

    Mrs. Miller


    Mrs. Hoffman

    1st-2nd Grade

    Miss Henry

    3rd, 4th & 5th Grade

    Mrs. Mautner


    Miss Emerson


    Early Childhood/ ChildcareMeet the Early Childhood staff

    Mrs. Love


    Mrs. Acker

    Head Preschool Teacher

    Miss Oakes

    Preschool Teacher

    Portal Access Existing student access

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