Individual Course Options At Christ Lutheran School
In an effort to extend opportunities to the local home schooling community, Christ Lutheran will be offering the following courses!
Courses Fees:(all prices are listed by month) Registration / Material fee (Required) - $65.00

Course ID Course Title Course Description
LTN-1: M,T,H 12:30-1:00 pm Latin I (Fall) - Monthly - $65.00
The Great Latin Adventure, Level I, is a lively introduction to Latin for beginners in grades 5 or 6. Easy to learn and very popular with users, it features a friendly style, clear and thorough grammar lessons, extensive derivative worksheets and engaging translation. Christian content; classical pronunciation.

LTN-2 M,T,H 1:05-1:35 pm Latin II (Fall) - Monthly - $65.00
The Great Latin Adventure, Level II brings your child to new levels of Latin achievement. Building on the foundation laid by Level I, students learn new noun case uses, new verb tenses, and more, enabling them to translate satisfyingly rich sentences.

CHM-1 After School Mondays - 3:30pm-4:30 Intro to Chinese (Fall) - Monthly - $50.00
An after school class offered by Christ Lutheran as a part of our after school opportunities! The class focuses on the basics of:
1. Greetings
2. Simplified Chinese (Mandarin) characters
3. Chinese art, music and culture.
This is a wonderful opportunity for your child to expand his or her knowlege of both language and culture taught by both native and China-educated teachers!

UKE-1 - Tuesdays - 1:15pm Beginning Ukulele (Fall) - Monthly - $50.00
ALOHA FRIENDS! It's hard to listen to a Ukulele (pronounced ooo-koo-lay-lay) without smiling. The Ukulele is a diverse and very easy to learn instrument. Students registered for this class will have an opportunity to purchase ukuleles at an incredibly reduced price!

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