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One of the complaints in modern times is how the public schools have turned into more of a "fashion show" than a place of learning. Most parents will tell you that they don't want the way their kid is dressed to be a factor in how they do or are perceived in school. This is why we are moving to uniforms.
Christ Lutheran School expressly does not have a school uniform intended to make all students look the same. We have a dress code that aims to promote a sense of belonging and pride in our school, respect for our educational environment, and to reduce any sense of inequality of personal dress.

"A badge of pride... identity"
Christ Lutheran is certainly not alone in using uniforms. Consider the following article by "The Guardian" discussing the many benefits and potential benefits of using a uniform.

From The Guardian: A shirt, tie and blazer may not be the ingredients for my favourite outfit, but if I were given the choice, I wouldn't throw away the idea of school uniform. Wearing a uniform is a badge of pride, creates an identity for a school and is an important part of being a school student... Read More...

Basic Dress Code
All Students shall wear any "polo type" Solid Color shirt, and shoes suitable for active play (no sandals, crocs or any other open toe shoe is allowed). Solid Color "docker type" pants or shorts

Female Students
Along with the clothing above, female students may also wear the following:
  • Solid Color jumper, or dress, with or without the Christ Lutheran School logo, with a collar
  • Solid Color skirts, or skorts( knee-length)
  • Solid Color leggings or tights must be worn with skirts and NEVER by themselves.

    More About Shoes Any closed-toe shoe is acceptable. Examples are: Tennis shoes, canvas (Keds-type) shoes, leather (dressier shoes).
    Shoes to avoid: Open toe shoes such as sandals, thongs, and other shoes that will not protect the toes and will hamper recess and gym-related activities.

    Won't this be expensive?
    Any parent who follows fashion trends, knows that you can pay $5 for a t-shirt or $50 for a t-shirt. The same is true for Christ Lutheran School's uniform. When doing a very simple search at our local wal-mart, we found that they offered a variety of uniform clothing that ranged from a few dollars all the way to much more. Here are some example links:

    - Boys uniform shirts
    - Boys uniform pants
    - Girls uniform shirts
    - Girls uniform pants
    - Girls uniform skirts


    Other Uniform Resources
    Top 10 Reasons For School Uniforms"

    Here is a downloadable PDF of this page

    Not Dress Code



    Graphic Tees

    Leggings without a skirt

    Flip Flops (any shoe where toes are uncovered)

    Blinking or lighted shoes)

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