What Do Lutherans Believe?

Beliefs: We are Biblical and Confessional

What does it mean to be "Biblical / Confessional"?

As "Biblical", we preach the Word of Jesus Christ--both Law and Gospel
As "Confessional", we abide by the teachings of the Bible as they are expounded in the Book of Concord, first published in 1580. The writings found in the Book of Concord are:

These writings we hold to be a true exposition of the Holy Scriptures.

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The Bible

The entire Old and New Testaments are the inspired Word of God. The Bible does not merely contain God's Word; it is God's Word. It is the only source of revealed truth regarding Christ, faith, and salvation. The Bible contains no contradictions or errors. It is composed of Law and Gospel.

The Law of God shows us our sin and how we cannot reconcile ourselves with the righteous God. It serves three purposes: (1) a curb to ---; (2) a mirror to show us our sin; (3) a guide for the reborn Christian to live a sanctified life.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ shows us what Jesus has done for us men and for our salvation.